Let's have a blast!

Welcome to Ingenuity and Beyond – an exciting new initiative from UTC Leeds designed to enthuse our students, stakeholders and supporters alike and give just a taste of what we’re doing here in the City.


UTC Leeds


This school year (2017-18) we have 3 cool Ingenuity events, Rockets, Robots and Racing, to challenge and inspire you!

So now The Robots are coming! – and part 2 of our Ingenuity series is not just about cute white things whizzing around and looking clever either! (Although we do have one or two special guest appearances..)

Robots, and robotics generally are increasingly a part of our daily life, used in so many industrial and leisure applications and with so much potential to shape the future. We hope you enjoy this small taste of what’s out there already and are inspired to think about what’s to come.





Powering up …


Watch this space…